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The vintages are jewels made by masters craftsmen who are protectors of the Guissani Paoli® brand authenticity.

Tastes and flavours that are iconic of our Patrimonio Wines come from the combination of extraordinary terroir and exceptional grapes. Masters of Elegance, our wines reach the perfect balance between precision and refinement that allows for the awakening of the senses.

Wine tasting notes

The Grand Blanc® is the most sought after wine in Corsica with a 2,5 hectares plot. This confidential production gives birth to a mysterious cru for both its rarity and taste singularity. Its Vermentino expression is particularly complex and mineral which is a sign of the greatest fine wines.

The Grand Blanc® is riddled with a golden colour. Seductive and very intense in the nose, it develops floral aromatic notes of white flowers like hawthorn. The dry fruits aromatic bouquet reveals all the abundance of the Campo Maggiore Terroir that will sweep you off your feet. This wine produces a unique tension between the freshness of Maquis herbs on the palate and the salinity end that lengthen the flavour. It is the true reflection of the Campo Maggiore Terroir.

More information

Planted area: 2 ha 50

Grape variety: 100% Vermentino

Average output: between 1’200 to 1’400 cases.

Tasting : ventilate 30-45 minutes before tasting to open the nose. Serve ideally around 14° to enjoy the full complexity of its nose.

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Food Pairing

This wine accompanies best shellfish and seashell dishes such as lobster, spiny lobster and spaghetti alle vongole. Meats like veal and suckling pig will linger for the Grand Blanc. The sharpness of asparagus and fennel taste will complement the elegant structure of the wine.

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