The AOC Patrimonio flagship grape variety

The Sangiovese or Niellucciu in Corsica is the emblematic grape type of Tuscany’s great vintages. It needs careful attention from the culture to the vinification, but if worked with panache it produces the most refined, equilibrate and of great aging potential wines.

A small yield and an over-maturation of the berries are keys to succeed in the growing of the Sangiovese in order to enhance grape potential. The Sangiovese enjoys high fluctuation between day and night temperatures and if this is the case it gives the most aromatic spicy red cherry notes.

The Guissani Paoli tannins are powerful; yet the specificities of both the microclimate and terroir makes a balance between astringency and velvet on the palate. Back at the Genoan empire, all of the Patrimonio wine production was shipped to delight its nobility.

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