Indigenous Grape Variety

The conservation of Corsican Grape types

The Rossola Bianca

The Rossola Bianca (cousin of l’Ugni Blanc or Trebbiano) is a grape type characterised by strong nervosity and acidity. It produces large grapes that are elongated like a foxtail. The star grape type of Cognac grows well on the Campo Maggiore soil. The Rossola Bianca brings freshness and delicacy to wines in assemblages. It sublimates wines to make them stand out.

The Carcaghjolu nero

The Carcaghjolu Neru is a native Corsican grape type. The Guissani Paoli estate purposely kept cultivating a few samples. This 140 year old vines now constitute an exceptional ampelographic heritage. The Carcaghjolu Neru has not been used in the Guissani Paoli wines for over 50 years.

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