We place both our resources and skills to serve general public interest initiatives. We are proud to say that these long-term commitments yield tangible welfare for our region and our customers

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For more than a century, the Guissani Paoli believe in an environmentally friendly agriculture where excellence is pursued in the most rigorous manner. Since its genesis the practice of an organic and biodynamic farming has been able to preserve the authentic terroir. Each year these methods enable the vines to develop in the best possible ways and to produce the best grapes of the “Appellation Patrimonio Contrôlée“.

The “Château” was granted the earliest certification of organic vineyard in 1998 in Corsica. Thanks to its privileged location in an virgin circus, the Estate is naturally preserved from pesticides and other possible nuisances from neighbouring non organic vineyards.


Concomitantly with our ethics of sustainable environmental development and our efforts to preserve the natural habitat, we have vouched to the public authorities for the constitution of a protected natural site around the rich history of the Patrimonio wines area. This endeavor was crowned by the creation of the National classified site of “Vignoble de Patrimonio et de la Conca d’Oro” in 2014.


It is with a careful devotion to the land that the vineyard is exclusively hand worked from the culture of the vines (ploughing, organic fertilization, grazing, grapes harvesting) to the end product. Our process guaranties an outstanding quality and a total mastery of the land worthy of the greatest. We are conscious that we owe our success primarily to the land and we engage for its protection. The Guissani Paoli stamp means the protection of Guissani Paoli‘s ancient know- how and the region biodiversity.

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