The Guissani Paoli Estate, white wine specialist, produces the Grand Blanc, one amongst the best Vermentinos worldwide, on the iconic Campo Maggiore Terroir.

In the heart of the national reserve of Vignoble de Patrimonio et de la Conca d’Oro, the Guissani Paoli Estate extends in a private natural circus tucked away in an untouched land, amongst mountains, the Mediterranean Sea and luminescence.

A vineyard of four hectares engraved in the middle of an estate that combines maquis, oaks and olives groves, where organic culture takes its true meaning.


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The property peacefully extends across the soft meandering of surrounding creeks. This south facing land, untouched and unaltered for centuries forges the unique character of the Campo Maggiore terroir.

The rigorous practice of an organic and biodynamic farming allows the Château to achieve the perfect balance among soil, vines and environment. The Estate is proud to have been granted the earliest certification of organic vineyard amongst the “Appelation Patrimonio Controlée” in Corsica.

The shale limestone type soil resting on clay bedrock forms various stratums where the Guissani Paoli wine’s DNA is moulded.

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The balmy temperatures and seashore closeness prevent vines from the frost. The combination of atmospheric moisture and sea breeze bestows the vines with a moderate but regular hydric nutrition. This mild environment allows for the culture of the Vermentino and Niellucciu (also called Sangiovese in Tuscany, Italy).

This perfect blend of richness, intensity and elegance gives birth to the delicate, golden Grand Blanc® which tensions allows for the greatest notes and distinctives flavours.

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On the renowned hillsides of Campo Maggiore, the vines, with an average age of thirty years, are hand worked and hand shaped. The grapes are harvested in “caissettes” thus allowing each berry to reach the wine warehouse fresh and intact.

The berries are individually screened, selected and squeezed. To prevent over- oxygenation of the juice at this early stage, the transfer of juices to the fermentation barrels is done by gravitation. This stage is followed by a 18 month aging phase spent in vat and/or oak barrels of the highest quality.

The vintages produced in small quantities are manually bottled with care to reach uniqueness. Bottles are stored underground in the Château cellars.

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