Five generations of passionate winemakers

Guissani Paoli - Château's History

The Campo Maggiore valley, exclusive property of the Guissani Paoli® family, has been perpetuating an antique “savoir-faire” * for over a century.

The Estate founded in 1912 by Antoine-Mathieu Guissani remains family owned and managed.

This pristine land embodies what is best in the “Appellation Patrimonio Contrôlée” (AOC). It is recognized as such amongst a wide array of fine wine connoisseurs.

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Guissani Paoli - Timeline - 1912 - Antoine-Mathieu Guissani

In 1912, Antoine-Mathieu Guissani buys the seaside land with one sole ambition: build an Estate where man, agriculture and nature are in harmony.

The first vines are planted on the shore of Campo Maggiore.



Guissani Paoli - Timeline - 1931 - Jean-François Guissani

In 1931, his son Jean-Francois Guissani, writes the greatest chapter of the Estate by enlarging the vineyards on the opposite south-facing hillside.

He is one of the pioneers of the “Appellation Patrimonio Contrôlée (AOC). Through his boutique in Bastia, he establishes in 1940 the Farinole wine reputation which became the most prized in Corsica.


​​​Angèle Guissani and
Jean-Marie Paoli

Guissani Paoli - Timeline - 1979 - Angèle Guissani and ​Jean-Marie Paoli

In 1979, the granddaughter Angèle Guissani and her husband Jean-Marie Paoli acquire the land of what is the location of the vineyard today.


Sylvain Paoli

Guissani Paoli - Timeline - 1985 - ​Sylvain Paoli

In 1985, Sylvain Paoli, the great-grandson, structures the estate, continues to build its reputation and transforms the Château in an acclaimed vineyard beyond the Corsican shores.

In Corsica, he is recognised as a pioneer of the organic agriculture and sees his efforts rewarded by the first organic certification in 1998 in the “Appellation Patrimonio Contrôlée (AOC)“. No reconversion was necessary as the vineyard has always been farmed on organic and biodynamic principles.


​​Jean-François and
François-Laurent Paoli

Guissani Paoli - Timeline - 2015 - ​Jean-François and ​François-Laurent Paoli

In 2015, Jean-Francois Paoli, brother of Sylvain, and his own son Francois- Laurent, fifth generation, takes the lead to continue the legacy of this unique and magical terroir.

They have one ambition in mind, to sublimate and work for the renewal of this Estate « Nested in Exceptional lands »

Guissani Paoli - Château - Story - The Estate family quarters

The Estate family quarters

Guissani Paoli - Château - Story - Farinole Genoese Tower dating 1562

Farinole Genoese Tower dating 1562

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